Client Experiences

My partner and I had some experience with rope Bondage and we were interested in expanding our Dom/sub knowledge with Sir. During the session we tried paddling, nipple clamps and a whole range of other ways to play that were all new to us. It was a fantastic experience and has since spurred on some amazing Hot play between us! Highly recommend for novices and experienced alike !! – Paul & Roy

I recently had my first experience being the submissive in a very Hot Dom/sub session. Sir was an excellent trainer for me as I experienced the pain and pleasure of surrendering control completely to a Dom. My limits were respected but pushed to the edge! I was hard through the whole session and was turned on for days afterward ! – John

I have had a few encounters with Sir and each has been very Hot.  I was a little nervous leading up to my first visit, but immediately Sir made me feel comfortable.  We had spoken online before the visit, and we spent more time upon my arrival talking about what I was expecting.  By the time the session began I was feeling totally at ease.  I knew when I left that I would be paying him another visit.  I never know quite what to expect when I show up as every visit has included some sort of surprise.  But even though there are surprises, I know that I can trust Sir to respect my firm limits and carefully explore those that aren’t so firm.  Being new to the role of a submissive I occasionally make lapses in protocol.  Sir understands that and instructs accordingly.  But once instruction has been given, he expects me to not repeat my mistake.  I highly recommend Sir’s services.  Whether you are a experienced submissive or a newbie like myself I am confident your needs will be met.     -Scott

As a novice to fetish play, I’m so grateful for my sub training sessions with Sir. From the beginning, he made me feel totally comfortable and asked me questions to get a sense of my limits and previous experiences. Then the leather restraints came out and Sir had full access to his sub. Sir gave me short breaks to check in about how the session was going, and then we got right back to the sensual action. I’ve had a few follow ups with Sir, and my confidence and comfort as a sub has grown immensely after each session. I Highly recommended Sir for subs needing training as well as for Doms who want to learn how to get the best out of their subs.     -Mark

I am interested in becoming a Dom.  My first session was about understanding the scene from the sub perspective.  I was a little nervous at first but it was all great and very hot.  My cock was hard the whole time.  The session was very educational with no pressure and now I feel better equipped to work with a sub.  I look forward to having my next session as a Dom with another sub very soon.    -James